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A Man's Perspective of Square Dancing

Upon being asked what the guys thought of square dancing, they compared it to learning plays in sports - football or basketball.  In practice (or beginning lessons), you learn the skills you need to win a game.  You never know which play the coach or quarterback will call (just like the caller) so you have to learn each movement.  When my wife told me what we were going to learn, I was very reluctant.  Now after learning, I love it! and can't understand why others don't try it.

  If you can walk, listen, remember after walking through the calls and learning them through muscle memory, you can square dance.

Guy's descriptors: theraputic; logical; mathematical; reduces stress (after you learn the movements/calls).  Competitive; good exercise; fellowship; fun; high learning curve; need to be dedicated to learning the calls.  Can dance anywhere in the world - calls are always in English.  "Dance with 4 different women and not get in trouble during one tip (2 songs).  FUN! FELLOWSHiP! INEXPENSIVE!


 "Angels", or Ocean Waves regular dancers, are there to help you learn to square dance.  First lesson always FREE!  

Just like any sport or profession, there is a vocabulary associated with square dancing.  Square dance calls include: Four ladies, chain, promenade, slide through - you get the idea!  Our Angels will help you learn the language, which define square dance movements.  

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BIG NEWS - Beginning Lessons

Beginning lessons are offered each Tuesday from 6:00-7:00 pm at Circle W RV Ranch, 1401 Smokehouse Road just off Bus Hwy 35 S.  No charge to try square dancing. 




Expert Opinion

In his book, You Staying Young,

Dr. Oz, stated, 

 “Square dancing is one of the few activities shown to involve both physical activity and mental stimulation significant enough to reduce the risk of dementia. It’s a true two for one example of ‘using it or losing it!’”