Dennis Pyron, Ocean Waves Caller


  • Dennis Pyron began calling for Ocean Waves in 2019.
  • He now calls for both Ocean Waves and Sparkling City Singles and Pairs on Mondays at Lindale Community Center, Corpus Christi. 
  • Dennis began calling in Hebronville in 1978 after square dancing a year. Previously, he has called for the Portland Seagulls, Hebronville Tanglefoots, Kingsville Dosey Dancers.
  • Life got in the way so he stopped calling for 28 years and returned in October, 2018.
  • Dennis' goal is to increase the number of square dancers in South Texas.
  • South Texas Square Dancers are happy to welcome him as the local caller for two clubs. 

Square Dance Lessons Year Round

            With Dennis' goal of increasing the number of square dancers in South Texas, he offers lessons every Tuesday from 6:00-7:00 pm at Circle W RV Ranch, 1401 Smokehouse Road.  


           If you are interested in learning, he's ready to teach you!  

New Dancers, Cindi and Keith, Share

"Wonderfully fun activity! Great exercise of both body and brain! Super nice folks at Ocean Waves. Good for the entire family!"


First lesson FREE! 

Entertainment....Meeting New Friends...Refreshments....Exercising your mind AND  your body!  What a DEAL!  Then $5 per person per lesson

See FAQs to learn more about this activity.

Just like any activity, commitment is a must if you really want to become an accomplished dancer.